Bangladesh Agricultural University or BAU was established as the only university of its kind in Bangladesh in 1961. The scheme for BAU was finalised on 8 June 1961 and its ordinance was promulgated on 18 August 1961. With the appointment of its first vice-chancellor, the university formally came into existence on 2nd September 1961 and it started functioning with the College of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science at Mymensingh as its nucleus. The university has six faculties and 43 departments covering all aspects of agricultural education and research.

BAU was the second highest budgeted public university in Bangladesh for the year 2013–2014. BAU’s unparalleled research in agriculture has made it recognized university across Asia. Having a very low student to teacher ratio, quality of education in BAU is brilliant and remarkable.

  • Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU) offers Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science
  • Duration of degree course: 4 years + 1-year houseman-ship. After which students can practice as veterinary doctor immediately in home country with designation Dr.
  • BAU was established in 1961. The campus is at the western side of old Brahmaputra River covering 1200 acres.
  • BAU has two research institutes namely, Bangladesh Nuclear Agriculture Institute and Fisheries Research Institute.
  • BAU consists of 8 departments of which are a teacher veterinary clinic to impart practical training diagnosis of poultry, zoology, animal diseases, surgical, skills clinical management and treatment, animal healthcare, etc for needs of undergraduates
  • In campus hostel facility is provided for international students

International Funding

The ongoing research projects undertaken by BAU students are funded by the International Atomic Energy Agency Department of International Development of U.K. Norweigian

International Collaborations

  • University Putra Malaysia
  • Texas A&M University
  • Florida A&M
  • Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  • Brooklyn College New York
  • Ghent University of Belgium