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Dhaka Dental College (DDC) is the most prestigious dental college of Bangladesh. It has a 250-bed hospital named Dhaka Dental College Hospital. It is the only one government dental college in Bangladesh. Its mission is to serve people, provide quality treatment for the patients, most of all to save valuable life. It provides well education and training for the students and doctors to develop their knowledge and skill. It was established at 1961 at Dhaka Medical College. Then it was shifted to Mirpur to its own campus at 1994.

Every year after passing Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) top applicants from all over the country sit for the medical-dental college entrance examination. The top 100 students get the opportunity to study in Dhaka Dental College. In the 8 acres (3.2 ha) hospital area there are administration building, academic building, auditorium, two lecture gallery, one hospital building, one ladies hostel, boy’s hostel, staff colony, teachers colony, masque and Shaheed minar. Another boy’s hostel is situated in Sobhanbag, Dhaka.