Foundation in Science (FIS) is equivalent to Matriculation/ A-Level/ STPM/ CPU/ SAM and other similar programs.It is recognized by MQA (Malaysian Qualifying Agency), MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education)
FIS will be conducted with affiliated colleges in Kuala Lumpur.
Intake: January / April/ May 2019.


  1.  For your SPM forecast result, you must have minimum ‘C’s in your Science and Mathematics subjects.
  2. Classes start early every year and will finish in the same year.
  3. Upon completion of FIS, you will be leaving to do your 1st-year MEDICINE/ DENTISTRY/ PHARMACY/ VETERINARY/OTHER programmes to your respective Universities/ Colleges.
  4. Departure date will be approximately in August every year.


  • Total cost for FIS is RM 10,000 (Est).
  • Accommodation is estimated at RM 280/ per month if required