• The medical faculty of University of Warsaw was established in the year 1809 and then the medical university of Warsaw was founded in January 1950
  • Currently with 9413 students, 513 PhD students and 250 postgraduate students
  • Has 1725 academic teachers including 173 professors. The academic staffs of medical university of Warsaw is recognised nationally and internationally for their contributions of the research and practice of medicine. Many of them hold prestigious position of ‘National Medical Consultants’
  • WMU is a vibrant scientific centre specialising in both clinical and theoretical medicine
  • WMU is 5 affiliated teaching hospitals located in Warsaw where students do their clinical:
  1. Public Central Teaching Clinical Hospital
  2. Infant Jesus Teaching Hospital
  3. Public Ophthalmic Teaching Hospital
  4. Duchess Anna Mazowiecka Public Teaching Hospital
  5. Public Pediatric Teaching Clinical Hospital

International Cooperation

  • The Medical University of Warsaw is a truly European University, where the education is based on European and international educational standards
  • The university participates in many international programs providing the exchange of students and academic teachers, as well as in the scientific and research programs.
  • The Medical University of Warsaw has established successful cooperation with 106 European universities within the Erasmus+ programme and with 8 central European institution within the CEEPUS programme
  • It has scientific research cooperation with many universities and research institutions in Europe, especially Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Great Britain. At present, this cooperation is being developed also with other foreign partners from Europe, USA and Asia – China, India, Malaysia and Japan

Why Study In Warsaw?

  • More than 200 years old
  • Medium of instruction is English
  • Internationally recognized Medical Degree
  • 16 hospitals with diagnostic & treatment equipment
  • Currently there are more than 200 Malaysian students
  • Majority of them are JPA & MARA scholars


Affiliation with other Institutions:

  • International accreditation of the US Department of Education Medical Board of California, USA