MAI is the only university in Russia that provides training for the entire life cycle of aviation, rocket, space and other high-tech equipment from the systems design to the implementation of individual industries. On the basis of the university, new technologies in engine-building are being created, small space vehicles are being launched, research is being conducted in the field of control systems, IT, new materials, radio engineering systems and others.

The uniqueness of the MAI lies in the fact that it was historically created with the aim of training designers and designers for virtually all departments and teams of the OKB and plants of the aviation industry (starting from designing wing structures, fuselage, chassis, propulsion systems to technology and production economics). By orders of enterprises of the military-industrial complex, more than 50 years ago, the training of specialists in the entire life cycle of products in the field of rocket production, cosmonautics, as well as in weapon systems and high-precision weapons, aerospace software programs, began and developed. Subsequently, with the participation of the MAI, a number of other universities were created. In 2009, the MAI won the competitive selection of university development programs and is currently among 29 universities.

The accumulated scientific and pedagogical, educational, scientific and methodological experience, the presence of a unique technological base, wide connections with aerospace enterprises allow MAI to train highly qualified specialists, the level of training, knowledge, skills and abilities of which correspond to the modern requirements of the domestic and world labor markets. Such specialists today are extremely in demand by the aerospace and defense enterprises of our country.