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NIZHNY NOVGOROD STATE MEDICAL ACADEMY is ranked at number 7 of the 46 higher medical institution in Russiaand acknowledged by World Health Organization. More than 600 plus students enrol each year, 250 000 that have come from 200 different countries. The academy’s Practical Skills Center is equipped with simulators and educational materials that is monitored by 722 specialists, among which, 75 are professors and 145 associate professors. The academy is well furnished with hygienic hostel facilities for all the students with 2 or 3 seater rooms and all necessary amenities. Classes consists of 8 to 10 pupils.

NNSMA actively collaborates with scientific centers of Russian Academy of Science and Russian Academy of Medical Science as well as with Universities throughout Europe and USA. On graduation, the graduate receives higher education Degree with an additional document by request, that allows its holder to get and equivalence to educational documents in any of 47 European countries to further their education or to find a prestigious job.