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UNIVERSITAS AIR LANGGA (UNAIR) School of Medicine dates back to 1847 and formed gradually in 1923, the Air Langga University School of Medicine. The campus is located within the city of Surabaya and next to the teaching Hospital Dr. Soetomo. Now, the university has developed into one of the leading universities in Indonesia with several research centers, specific units and major referral centers for scholars in specific fields. Medicine and Dentistry are 5 years program while Pharmacy and Veterinary are for 4 years.


  • The clinical program that has been developed by UNAIR are Heart Surgery, Brain Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Linear Acceleration for Cancer Therapy and others.
  • Faculty of Medicine in Universitas Air Langga established in 1950 has gone through various stages of development to become one of the leading medical schools in Indonesia
  • The Faculty of Dentistry holds a very strong position to actively participate in developing human resources in the field of dentistry.


  • Student center
  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Fully equipped library
  • Shuttle facilities within campuses
  • Student co-operative
  • Banking facilities within the campus
  • Sports and cultural arts center
  • Telecommunication, postal and internet facilities in the campus