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ANDALAS UNIVERSITY (UNAND), the oldest university outside Java and the fourth oldest in Indonesia established on December 23rd, 1955. The university consists of nine faculties, mostly located on the hilly highland of Limau Manis approximately 15km from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatera. The campus of Andalas University occupies an area of 500 hectares. The Faculty of Medicine is located in the city center, near the Central General Hospital M. Djmail. The Faculty of Medicine founded in 1955 is the oldest medical faculty outside Java. Andalas University is the first university in Indonesia to conduct medical degree programmes (5 years) using the latest Problem-Based Learning System currently adopted by USA, UK and the European countries.

This is the only university in Indonesia which conducts a pre-medical programme for SPM students. Pre-Med and Medical programme are conducted in Malay. Currently, there are approximately 200 Malaysia students in UNAND.


  • Variety of food similar to Malaysia
  • Efficient public transport
  • Very affordable tuition fee
  • Library and laboratories


  • 5-year Medical Degree
  • PBL System
  • August Intake