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Universitas Indonesia (UI) is a modern, comprehensive, open-minded, multi-culture, and humanism campus that covers wide arrays of scientific disciplines. UI simultaneously strives to be one of the leading research universities and the most outstanding academic institution in the world. As a world-class research university, UI seeks to achieve the highest level of distinction in the discovery, developing and diffusion of advance knowledge regionally and globally. Meanwhile, UI is distinctive among research universities in its commitment to the academic invention and research activities through various scientific programs.


  • Top 50 best universities in Asia
  • 4th Medical Year at Melbourne University
  • Largest library for Asia Collection
  • The academic hospital is the top referral hospital of Indonesia
  • Limited to 10 Malaysian students per year

Recently, UI produces more than 400,000 alumni and continues its important role both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, it is our commitment to producing high quality of education system, global standard research activities and maintaining a high standard of international academic research publications. Being one of the top best universities in the world, UI is actively expanding international cooperation with other world-class universities. Vivacious cooperation had been developed in the domain of education and joint-research with the finest universities.

UI builds strong cooperation with top universities such as Washington University, Tokyo University, Melbourne University, Sydney University, Leiden University, Erasmus University, Kyoto University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Australian National University, Columbia University and the National University of Singapore. 

Furthermore, UI campus is one of the most magnificent green campuses in the world. UI has two campuses; one is in the central business in Jakarta (Salemba) and the second one is located in Depok areas (West Java). Depok campus is a green campus covering 320 hectares. UI maintains the ecology conservation by utilizing only 25 percent of the area for academic, research and student activities; while upholding 75 percent for forestation. UI commitment for ecology is also shown by wonderful lakes (in total UI has 8 lakes) inside the campus. UI is an astonishing campus that facilitates knowledge transfers and invention activities for all civitas-academic UI and humanity.