UNIVERSITAS SUMATERA UTARA (USU) is the oldest and largest national University in Sumatera with the campus located close to the city in a 120H land. USU is located in Medan. The Faculty of Medicine was established in 1952 and is considered as one of the well equipped medical faculties in Indonesia with more than 30 departments. The close proximity to Malaysia is an added advantage for Malaysian students. The teaching hospital is Hospital Adam Malik and the new 500 bedded teaching hospital opposite the Faculty of Medicine. Medicine (MD), Pharmacy and Dentistry (DrG) programs are for 5 1/2 years and taught in Bahasa Indonesia & English. USU admits the largest number of students.


  • Variety of food similar to Malaysia
  • Conducive living environment
  • Campus near to International Airport
  • Very similar to Malaysia in terms of language & culture
  • Medan is populated by many Chinese & Indians
  • Efficient public transport


  • The faculty of Dentistry in USU was established in 1961. It consists of 10 departments including orthodontic, prosthodontic, oral surgery, conservation and oral biology. The dental studies in USU are divided into two levels.
  • The faculty of medicine in USU has expanded extensively in the last 50 years. Currently, there are 30 departments in this faculty including 4 specialist training centers.
  • Academic Level & Professional Level


  • Student Health Centre
  • Competitive fees structure
  • New Teaching Hospital
  • In campus Bank & Post Office
  • Well equipped laboratories